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Red Wolves Academy - Utah

About the Academy

Who are we ? 

The Red Wolves Academy is the pre-proffesional academy of the Red Wolves Soccer organization which consists of the first team (Chattanooga Red Wolves) and 2 USL 2 teams (Park City and Dalton Red Wolves) based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

What is our mission ? 

To identify and develop elite soccer talent from Utah and create opportunities for young men to forge careers within the game. Its all about giving Utah kids a chance.  

What is our vision ? 

To be recognized because of our successes as not only the top professional academy in Utah but as one of the top talent development centers for soccer in the united states. To change the way elite soccer development is done in Utah for the better.  

Academy Outcomes 

More pro's, more college players, more elite level mens soccer players, more opportunities for talent Utah soccer players 


Player Development Philosophy

We believe that the best way to develop elite soccer players is in an environment that focuses on individual player growth within the team, where players have ownership of their journey and are actively making their own decisions every training session and every game.

Training sessions should should be competitive and focused on developing the individual within the team. A weekly training program should be based on a moment from the game of soccer, the activities should be game like, with soccer problems to solve. Within our training structure we place value on technical development, 1 v 1 and outplaying moments and small sided games with all the outcomes are linked to the game. 

We believe that a balanced games program is an essential conponent of the player development process. Their should be a mixture of both competitive (non-consequence) games and competitive consequence games. Players need to learn how to play without pressure and how to win under pressure. The games program should also provide variability in the form of different game models (4v4, 7v7 etc…) and formats i.e. futsal. 

Most of all we believe that players will learn best in an environment that is fun and where the ball is rolling. All of our training session and games should leave players enthused, stimulated, educated and inspired so they maximize this opportunity to reach their full potential 

Training based on a Game Model and Player Profile

Our training methodology is built from 2 major resources. Our player profile and our game model. Each training session is built to help the individual player develop pre-determined attributes identified in our player profile and to learn the game of soccer through our game model. 

Playing Philosophy

Playing Philosophy 

A possession based style of soccer that focuses on ALL players including the goalkeeper being involved and engaged when the team is in possession. We look to progress the ball forward in the most efficient way possible with the ball under control. Red Wolves Academy teams use width and depth to create space and moments to play forward into. In possession Red Wolves teams objective is to have more of the ball and create and finish more chances than the opposition. Individual players should demonstrate creativity, decision making and confidence in their ability on the ball. 

Out of possession our goal is to win the ball as high up the field as possible. In order to dominate the ball we need to have the ball, so we look to win it back as efficiently as possible. When we defend we do not defend to stop the opposition we defend to regain the ball and start another attack!

A core concept of our style of play in all teams should be a great energy and enthusiasm, matched with players that are individually strong and comfortable on the ball, in 1 v 1’s in and out of possession. All players should be engaged in the game and want to get on the ball as much as possible.  

Defined Training Methodology

Our training sessions are designed to teach players the Red Wolves Game model and to develop each individual player within the Red Wolves player profile. Our training methodology allows specific time with in each session to meet each players needs. 

Unrivaled Player Support

Human Performance 

Each week our Wolves Academy players will be exposed to 1 human performance training session as part of their week to week periodization plan. Human performance can and will consist of strength and conditioning, speed and agility, and overall physical performance work. The Red Wolves Academy will also provide resource and information to players throughout the Academy year about nutrition, recovery, physical development etc... so that players know how to look after a soccer ball and how to look after their body. 

GPS Data

All Red Wolves Academy players will train and play wearing GPS tracking vest. This allows us to collect valuable data to help manage players physical load, but also personalize their training program and drive competition within the training environment. 

Holistic Player Development 

From player diaries, tactical support, monthly psych/social webinars, individual development plans, player meetings and reviews, Red Wolves academy players are offered all the support, reources and tools they could need to be maximise their soccer potential, but to also become a well functioning and high contributing member of our community. 

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